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A Lifetime of Source Material

After 20 years in the restaurant industry, living in fear of my dream, never daring to try to achieve it, I started Andrew James Rush Stories as a way to bring my work out of the darkness and to the people who need it.
I am a recovering alcoholic, and in my many years working late nights and hard hours while suffering the conditions of poverty in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, I have seen the darkness and the beauty of the human spirit.  A lifetime of fighting the demons that haunt me and the injustices of a world of extreme inequality has given me a voice that I finally know the world needs to hear.
The process of breaking my chains, both self-imposed and otherwise, and the uncommon work ethic I gained in the service industry, have given me a toughness, and a willingness to look the hard facts of reality in the eyes, drag them up from the muck of human fear that magnifies them, and lay them on the table in all their terrible glory.
Read on, and enjoy.

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